NWSTK (beta)

A Multiplatform Toolkit common to both Wasm and Windows.

# Name
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Description last modified date
Japan Standard Time
1 demo1
Test for EditWidget, Window Menu. 2019/05/01, 21:43
2 demo2
Test for Loading and Drawing Image via CImage class.
Also, it's testing to use rotation and translation matrix in an interval timer event.
2019/05/01, 21:43
3 land_demo
Test for drawing the 3D geometry of the land.
This demo uses Canvas 2D of JavaScript.
Wire Frame
2019/05/01, 21:43
4 land_demo_WebGL
WebGL WireFrame Version of #3. 2019/05/01, 21:43
5 land_demo_Polygon
WebGL Polygon Version of #3. 2019/05/01, 21:43
6 land_demo_Voxel
WebGL Voxel-like Version of #3. 2019/05/01, 21:43
7 demo_Mountain
Drawing Mountain-like geometry using WebGL polygons. 2019/05/01, 21:43

This site needs WebAssembly supported Browser such as Chrome 73 or FireFox 65.
Unfortunately, neither IE8 nor IE11 is supported.

In mobile device, Chrome mobile browser doesn't reload and continues browsing old pages from its cached files long time even if you push reload button.
So, to make mobile's Chrome reload forcely web pages, you should use incognite mode.
That reason is browsing through incognito mode disable its history and cache. So you can request fresh content everytime.
And in the case you use incognite mode, you can use bookmark functionality to remember URL addresses for the pages.

These demos can be scaled up/down to any scaling. For example, if you are using Chrome, try such as the following keys:

Wasm   = WebAssembly.

Programmed by NOWSMARTSOFT, LightCone, Yutaka Aoki.


Browser OS Status Speed Description
Chrome 73 Win7, Pro, 64BIT good fast
FireFox 67 Win7, Pro, 64BIT good faster
Chrome 73 Fire 7 Tablet (7th, 2017)
FireOS (based Android 5.0)
Ok enough fast
except demo_Mountain
FireFox 66.0.2 Fire 7 Tablet (7th, 2017)
FireOS (based Android 5.0)
WebGL fails.
But demo1 and demo2 are Ok.
fast Probably, this tablet GPU chip is not supported by this version's FireFox mobile.
FireFox Ubuntu Linux, 32BIT Ok fast


Modified Date
Japan Standard Time
2019/05/01, 21:43 Especially in a slow mobile device/phone/tablet, an emission of a pulldown menu has become faster than the previous.
2019/05/01, 08:36 If it is failed to get WebGL context for canvas, the toolkit will pop up an error dialog that alerts that.
This feature is for a FireFox 66.0 in the Amazon 7th generation Fire7 Tablet.
2019/04/30 In the environment where touch panel is used such as Mobile -- Android, a touch mark like a missile target mark has been started drawing at the touched point.
2019/04/21 1. EditWidget has started supporting key inputs from the on-screen keyboard for Mobile Device(Touch Panel).
Among them, tested specially for USA English and Japanese on-screen Keybords in the intel HAXM Andoid Emulator.

2. IME -- Input Method Editor -- for both PC and Mobile has been started supporting. Testing was done especially for Japanese IME.

3. In mobile devices, the width of sensitive borders or resizing gripper to resize the demension of windows have been wider than the previous.

4. The dimension and position of windows in demo1 has been adjusted in mobile devices.